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Provider Directories and Map

Provider Directories

Directories of transit and other transportation providers in the state

Provider Service Area Map

Project Purpose:

Provide information to transportation providers and planners that can lead to new, increased and improved transit coordination efforts resulting in better access. Service areas that overlap or share boundaries are opportunities for coordination.

Project Description:

The Minnesota Council on Transportation Access contracted with the University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies to create an interactive, web-based map of service areas for non-profit providers across the state.

Three types of service providers were contacted for the first iteration of the map; they all provide rides to older adults and individuals with disabilities.

  1. Faith in Action: FIA is a network of faith congregations, community organizations, and trained volunteers helping neighbors live independently with dignity and self-respect.
  2. Living at Home Network formerly known as Living at Home/Block Nurse Programs: These services provide rides to community activities to older adults and individuals who are medically dependent.
  3. 5310 Providers: These organizations receive federal funds for buses to provide transportation service for older adults and individuals with disabilities

View provider service area map


Jackie Peichel, Department of Human Services and Minnesota Board on Aging

Noel Shughart, Office of Transit, Minnesota Department of Transportation