Dakota County Transportation Coordinating Collaborative: Moving Forward

May 2017 Update

DCTCC Mobility Management Model The Dakota County Transportation Coordinating Collaborative (DCTCC) is on a mission to work with stakeholders to develop and support coordinated transportation services and programs. The goal with these services and programs is to increase efficiencies and provide enhanced mobility and accessibility to all residents, particularly older adults and individuals with special transportation needs. The vision of the DCTCC is to have a fully coordinated transportation system providing continuous transportation access for Dakota County residents.

To date, DCTCC has completed the Dakota County client needs assessment as well as a transportation asset inventory report. These reports help identify gaps and opportunities for improved coordination. In 2017, DCTCC plans to hire a contractor to provide travel-training services to augment current travel training services and capture more data on mobility needs of the target populations.

In addition to the travel-training program, DCTCC has developed a concept model for mobility management. The model will help leverage technologies to increase transportation options for the target populations. The model also will benefit transportation agencies and local government with improved insights into travel patterns and mobility demand. Finally, DCTCC hopes to include a funding component with the model to process payments for transportation services from a variety of funding sources such as waiver programs and private pay. DCTCC is currently evaluating process models to test the mobility management concept and hopes to implement a pilot in 2018.